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Two women on a mission to create mental health and mental wellness resources people actually want to use.

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Amanda Connolly

concept & Creative

Amanda is an award-winning designer who believes that good design has to start with great conversation. Throughout her career she’s designed both digital and physical experiences for folks who vary in age, gender, race and ability, taking great care to ensure these experiences are intuitive and inclusive.

Over the course of 2020, Amanda became very aware of the importance of the practice of journaling; how it can support mental health and help shift mindset. Solving for the problem of too many different journals for too many different things, Take Note was born.

Amanda is currently living and working in Toronto. 

Danielle Rice, MSc, PhD Candidate

Consulting practitioner

Danielle is a therapist and mental health expert trained in Clinical Psychology. Danielle provides individual- and group- therapy to address mental health and/or substance use concerns. She provides therapy in hospital, community, and private therapy settings to work with a range of individuals.

Clinically, Danielle’s interests focus on building resilience through improving access and quality of population-based interventions to improve well-being, mental health, and self-management skills,  treating severe mental health and/or substance use conditions, and addressing inequity in healthcare. 

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